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The Start, Run & Grow Your Business course will help you lead your students through the process of launching and building a business. They'll finish your course with a completed business plan, ready to make their business dreams a reality.

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A session-by-session overview of the
Start, Run & Grow Your Business course:

Each session will address a vital part of the planning process. Everything will be covered, from a basic introduction to entrepreneurship and taking the first steps, to target markets, crunching the numbers, and presenting the plan to investors.

Session 1: Introduction

The first session of the Start, Run & Grow Your Business course is an overview of entrepreneurship and the basics of starting a business. The key elements that will be covered in the course are defined:

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • What needs will your business fill?
  • What do YOU bring to the equation?
  • What does your business plan look like?
  • How are you going to make it all happen?

Session 2: Concept Kick Start

So you're thinking about starting your own business -- where do you begin? This session covers the first step, taking the idea that has been forming in your head (the concept) and seeing if you can turn it into a business reality.

Session 3: Business Basics

How do you choose and own your business name, what structure is your business going to have, and what are the tax implications? The different types of startups and the legalities involved are discussed in this lesson.

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Session 4: Market Analysis

Defining your target markets and what value you will offer to your customers is an important part of the planning process. This session covers the ways to gather and measure data about your market.

Session 5: Marketing Strategy

Once you've defined your market, you need a plan to reach them. Discusses the difference between marketing and sales, as well as planning a marketing strategy that best reaches your target market.

Session 6: Basic Numbers, Part 1

Figuring out the numbers can be a big hurdle. This class gives an overview of the basic financials and creates a Startup table for a hypothetical business.

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Session 7: Basic Numbers, Part 2

In this session, all the numbers in the business plan are pulled together. In hands-on exercises, the class will forecast sales and estimate expenses, as well as cover other plan projections.

Session 8: Getting Financed

This lesson will tackle the different types of financing available to help start a business, and what kind of financing works for different types of startups.

Session 9: Building a Team

Putting together your team and planning for future hiring is covered in this session. You'll also review the legal implications of the employer-employee relationship.

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Session 10: The Web

The Internet has become an essential small-business marketing tool. This session gives an overview of building a website and driving traffic to it with Web searches, social media, and other tools.

Session 11: Cash and Taxes

This session has two pieces -- the first is about standard record keeping processes and programs, the second is specifically focused on the importance of cash flow in a healthy business.

Session 12: Plans and Pitches

The topic of the final session is the difference between a business 'pitch' and a business 'plan' and the advantages of both. It includes things to consider when presenting your business idea to potential investors, and how to determine the amount of investment you actually need.

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