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Business Plan Pro Customer Quotes

More than a million entrepreneurs have put their trust in Business Plan Pro to help them create a winning business plan. Hear what they have to say:

Guy Kawasaki"Use this software and kick butt!"
- Guy Kawasaki, partner at Garage Technology Ventures

"I write business plans for a living. Your software is light-years more advanced than any other product out there and the service is super! Keep up the good work — you are setting a high benchmark!"
- Joe Redican

"I have used Palo Alto Software's Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro software for over 15 years. This software has enabled the companies I work with to raise millions of dollars for new and existing ventures. As the inventor of the Internet Telephone and the first Biometric Applications Programmers Interface, I can strongly recommend that if you need to tell a story that will sell your idea, there is no better method than Tim Berry's."
- Kevin Corson, Marketing Engineers, Inc.

"I just thought that you would like to know that our plan was successful and enabled us to raise $200,000 in financing - most with a major Canadian bank (not an easy sell, considering that I am an artist). Great software."
- Janice Stanton, Janice Stanton Studios, Inc.

Bizential, Inc."Business Plan Pro was a godsend for me and my business. It easily walked me through all the steps."
- Brock Predovich, President and CEO, BIZENTIAL, Inc.

"Business Plan Pro helped me raise the equity for a $20 million start-up venture. If you're writing a business plan, stop wasting your valuable time reinventing the wheel and try Business Plan Pro."
- Mike Lovelace

"I really believe in your product. I couldn't have received the funding I received without your program. Everyone should write a business plan at least once in their life. Your program makes it easier."
- Richard Cockrell

"I made my first presentation to Fleet Bank with my Business Plan Pro plan on Friday. The bank official said it was one of the most professional presentations he has ever seen. He said that he has loan requests for $5 million that aren't as detailed and well presented. Thanks again."
- Howard Lefkowitz

"Business Plan Pro was definitely a major part in me getting an unsecured loan for the business. The bank said it was one of the most professional business plans they had seen."
- Declan O'Toole

Noah's Arf"There is no way I could have known everything I needed to know without Business Plan Pro. The software was instrumental in my getting a $200,000 SBA loan."
- Kris Price, owner Noah's Arf

"The Wizards walked my through what was involved in starting a new business. I needed a sense of direction - the software really, really helped me."
- David M. Woods

"When I showed my accountant my plan, he raved, 'This is the business plan you write to get $3 million,' even though I was really only looking for $145,000."
- Peter Grande

"Wow, Wow, Wow!! Just a note to thank you for great customer service. I called and got a live person with only one ring and she resolved my issue in a matter of seconds without asking for my email 40 times. Well done, Palo Alto!! Keep up the great customer service!"
- Rey Belyeu

Guy Kawasaki"This is just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your services. A client of mine had a problem with Business Plan Pro last Thursday and had to resolve the problem that day in order to meet an important deadline. I found your phone number, she called, and a technician asked her to email her business plan. This was very close to your closing time. But no matter your staff got right on it. The technician then was able to solve the problem, and emailed the BP back to her. She was able to make the changes and get her BP in on time. You guys are great! That is what I call exceptional customer service."
- University of Hawaii Small Business Development Center

"Thanks again for the support of the PA team — I've never seen a software company take total accountability for customer issue resolution. If one employee isn't available, then another steps up to the plate. This means there aren't any gaps in time or service — remarkably even when it's outside of your stated service hours. Thanks again for your help — I only hope the response I get to the finished plan is as great the response I got from the program team that created the software!"
- Everett Stephens

"The financial section of Business Plan Pro Premier offers more detailed financial information than any other business planning software available. The written plan we created provided a uniform presentation of projected selling points and benefits for each project. It provided potential investors a way to judge the completeness and judge the thoroughness of the business plan."
- Robert R. Sewell, President, Davis Landing Ltd.

"Received today, plan completed also today. What service and what a powerful program! Many thanks, another satisfied customer"
- William Med

"Thank you, I have just completed our plan! The program was great. I called customer service Thursday and had them mail it to me. It arrived Monday night, and I worked all day Tuesday, and all night Wednesday it only took me two days it was so easy I couldn't wait to get done! Thanks again."
- Jessica Hallman Van Clifton

"I just wanted to say that you guys have the best business planning website and software available on the Net. After using your software I am able to get a $90,000 loan for our Lan Cafe! Thank you so much!"
- Rebecca Matthews

"Purchased this afternoon and I love it. I've produced about 10 business plans over the last three years and all with Word and Excel. This is great software, a real help, and will save us 30 man hours next week alone. We are amazed at what Business Plan Pro does for us - it is so easy to use but so effective with multiple output options. It really only took twenty minutes to get the hang of it and about six hours to generate our draft one plan. I've spent 16 years as a programmer, analyst, technical author and software tester (including four years with Hyperion Software inc. as a consultant) and this is the best planning tool I've come across, including software costing thousands of pounds. We are going to get the marketing version and upgrade to pro when our accountant has had a look."
- Richard Hough

"Just wanted to add that as best I can determine, using both your marketing and business planning software over the years has directly generated for companies I've worked with well over $30 million. And who knows how much indirectly as a result thereof!! Looking forward to receiving that next version. I'll let you know the results ($$) of it also."
- Bob Hornbeck

"From the moment I opened the box I was making money!"
- Gordon Justice

"Business Plan Pro provides the background, insight and tools that you'll need to create a business plan. And it can be a big time saver that lets you focus on that new business."
- Watne Kawamoto

"I had an appointment with my bank manager on Monday. But I still hadn't got the financials ready for a business plan. I didn't really know how to put together a profit and loss or a balance sheet. So I took a gamble and bought Business Plan Pro on Sunday. The wizards were simple to use and I had the financials ready in a couple of hours. I didn't think it would of been that easy to put together. I took the plan to my bank the next day and they approved my loan the following day. I know that without the proper format the loan would have been turned down. Thanks to your software."
- Russel England

"It is an easy-to-use software package with strong supporting resources, and covers all of the necessary components of a well-developed business plan."
- Pete Dwyer

"I had no idea one could get so much in such a little box…It really is a one-stop biz shop for people wanting to write their own business plans!"
- B. Bailer

"We got a real insight from using Business Plan Pro. It helped us to be completely prepared when approaching the banks for assistance."
- Martin Williams

"Business Plan Pro is the best comprehensive business plan software in my opinion. It is flexible and dynamic to accommodate most business prospects. I really enjoy using the software. It gives an organized structure to my consultancy and I can recommend it to any business consultant."
- Michael Loubser

and many, many more!