US and Canadian resellers

Palo Alto Software, the industry leader in business plan software, is proud to offer your business the opportunity to participate in our reseller network. We encourage and support distribution partnerships in a wide variety of market sectors, and seek to add value by enhancing your offering with our products.

Palo Alto Software provides:

  • Comprehensive business planning software that encompasses sales forecasts, cash flow management, market analysis, performance milestones and more.
  • A stable software designed to complement new businesses who are just starting out, as well as companies who are in the growth, operations and mature stages of business.
  • Premium price points and high quality products that generate higher dollar margins per sale.
  • Custom merchandising programs and support for resellers who are interested in exploring creative ways to expand sales.
  • Direct support from the Retail Marketing Manager through personal contact, not automated replies.

Reseller application

Please complete the reseller application to get started selling Palo Alto Software's products.

List of US & Canadian resellers

We have a number of resellers in Canada and in the United States. If you are interested in purchasing locally, go to the list and find a reseller near you.