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Video tutorials

Introduction to Business Plan Pro (25 mins)

Palo Alto Software president Tim Berry provides an introductory overview of Business Plan Pro software. This tutorial video walks through the process of creating a business plan and shows the key features of the software.

Introduction to Marketing Plan Pro (5 mins)

John Jantsch, the small business marketing expert behind the Duct Tape Marketing system, provides a quick overview of Marketing Plan Pro 15th Anniversary Edition powered by Duct Tape Marketing.

Business Plan Pro tutorials

Tutorials for all users of Business Plan Pro.

Finding the right sample plan

(3:57) Use our sample plan browser to search for the right sample plan to start from.

Maximize your space on screen

(5:33) Maximizing the work-area within Business Plan Pro.

Financial Forecaster

(2:52) Create financial forecasts with ease using Business Plan Pro's graphical forecaster.

Customized Outlines

(5:02) Customize your plan's outline by adding, removing and re-organizing topics, tables (spreadsheets) or charts.

Changing the currency in your plan

(3:33) Change the currency symbol within the software for all your spreadsheets and charts.

Changing your chart colors

(3:33) Change the color of the charts in Business Plan Pro to customize your plan.

Creating simple formulas

(5:09) Creating formulas in Business Plan Pro.

Business Plan Pro's Cash Flow model

(25:39) Tim Berry narrates this detailed discussion on our financial model.

Downloading Business Plan Pro

(3:04) Downloading and installing software from Palo Alto Software.

Premier Edition tutorials

Tutorials covering features available in the Premier version of Business Plan Pro.

Creating business plan templates

(6:36) Use the Save as Template function to create a re-usable business planning template.

Tracking investment offerings

(6:36) Tim Berry gives this detailed explanation of the Investment Analysis table.

Add-in Components

Our software has the ability to import custom Add-in Components for non-standard financial data (more info).

Importing the Subscription based Revenue Model Add-in

(7:04) Using this free Add-In component to forecast revenue such as subscription based sales.

Importing the Subscription based Revenue Model Add-in (older versions)

(5:27) Using this free Add-In component to forecast revenue such as subscription based sales. This video applies to versions 2007 and older of Business Plan Pro.

Importing the Loan Amortization Detail Add-in

(7:18) Using this free Add-In component to calculate the Principal Payments on Current or Long-term Loans(Liabilities).